what even is this.
this is where you say stuff to me
19, west michigan, im being a selfish baby and i dont want to grow up. so i wont.
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"please do not make a sexual innuendo via text and add “lol” at the end. I know you meant what you said and by implying that it is a joke- is your safety net. I’m not stupid, and no- I don’t want to see you naked. Your profile says you are looking for a girl who likes to have fun. Well damn, I don’t know anyone who fits that description. Perhaps you should also add you want a girl who breathes and also eats food? I don’t want a picture of your dick ever. NEVER. EVER. Send me pictures of puppies instead, I will show much more affection. If a girl’s profile says she is gay, it does not mean she “hasn’t met the right guy yet” it means NO guy is the right guy. The concept of virginity was, I imagine, created by a man who thought his penis was so mighty it changed a woman’s worth. It’s not and it doesn’t. A woman who wears a lot of makeup is not “lying” to you. If you are stupid enough to think we naturally have fire red lips and blue outlined eyes, you are not worth our time. Finally, we women do not do our hair, wear our makeup, of choose our outfits based on your likes. We do not care if you prefer a girl with curves or protruding bones. We do what we do for us. And perhaps this self entitled view you have is the reason you are single."
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"hairless cats are disgusting!"

"hairy women are disgusting!" 


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